Author. Radio Personality. Motivator. 

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Before you check out the site, I figured I’d tell you about its purpose. is meant to do more than serve as a brand tool for myself. More than anything, it’s meant to feed you your reoccuring dose of uplifting, real talk, hope and faith to get through existence. We are all destined for and deserving of a wonderful life, and the best way to claim it is to believe in yourself. 

P.S.: A lot of people hear the term “self-help” and automatically think that the person is going to tell you that everything is going to be okay through a rose-colored lens. You won’t get that here. So don’t ask for it. And let’s get one thing clear: I’m no expert. Just a woman who can think outside of the box: objectively. 


Shantell Jamison

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