Services Offered:

*1-on-1 or Group Coaching Sessions

Whether you are burned out, frustrated with work, or struggling with life’s dilemmas, I can assist you in identifying and overcoming obstacles that may be hindering your progression. From relationship woes to figuring out your life’s purpose, allow me to help you find forward moving and effective solutions that will improve your situation.

*Relationship Workshops for Youth and Adults

Relationships take work. Successful couples understand that love and romance must be nurtured, and communication is key. My workshops provide you with the tools needed to address and solve conflicts that arise within relationships, in hopes of you establishing a much deeper connection with your mate.

*Motivational Speaking

Life is all about embracing change. It is truly the only thing that is constant. When you embrace new opportunities in an ever-evolving world, you have a better quality of life, and a stronger belief in yourself. I offer inspiring and actionable words for any audience in need of that extra push, and encouragement for those who fear the unknown.

*Event Hosting

I have more than a decade of experience hosting and emceeing various events throughout the country.  From introducing speakers to managing the flow in between topics, I can ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

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