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Fear Is A Liar: 3 Ways to Break Free

Excuse my French, but fear is a muthaf*****.

Beyond its paralyzing ability to stop us from living a full and rich life dead in our tracks, it is ridiculously convincing. But Michael Jordan was on to something when he said, “Limits like fear is often an illusion.”

Here are three ways to give fear the boot and reclaim your life. Continue reading Fear Is A Liar: 3 Ways to Break Free

Yes You Can!


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‘I Can’t’ vs. ‘I Will’

I hear the words “I can’t” a bit too much for my liking.

I can’t lose weight. I don’t have the discipline.”

“I can’t find another job.”

“I can’t trust people.”

The words “I can’t” have become so engrained in our mindsets that they’re acceptable responses to anything that we seek to achieve. They should be unacceptable when it comes to pursuing your dreams and seeking happiness. Continue reading Yes You Can!