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Ugorji E.

“Shantell’s coaching sessions have empowered me to be brave and honest within myself and all the relationships in my life. I initially sought her coaching to help me stay on track with my writing. However, we embarked on a slightly different journey, uncovering unconscious patterns, old beliefs, and deep self-reflection.  This journey has helped me uncover my gifts and our sessions are the highlight of my week.” – Ann O.

“If I wasn’t already seeing one, Shantell would be my life coach.” – Angela J. 

“I went through a major life change in my personal life. Sessions with Shantell allowed me to bounce back faster than usual. Because of her services, I’m in a much better position in my life. Shantell is very knowledgeable when it comes to helping individuals live their best life, and discover their worth. Her life coaching sessions were very helpful, and greatly contributed to my success as an entrepreneur who loves to help the youth of today.” – Will T.

“I have to be honest, I was a little nervous to have our sessions at first because what I was about to talk about isn’t always easy for me to open up about. Shantell’s responses were thoughtful, free of judgement and after initially opening up to her, I really felt comfortable pouring out everything to her. Shantell listens with such an open and insightful ear. She has truly found her calling in life and I’m grateful to have her as my life coach. Thank you!!!” – Liv B.


“Shantell offers instructions on how to embrace life with her signature mix of spiritualism, pragmatism and an approachable, easy humor.” – Kyra Kyles, Fmr. Editor-in-Chief, EBONY Magazine

“The vulnerability expressed in this book gives readers the courage to face their fears, permission to forgive self and the tools to begin the journey of true, revolutionary change.” – Jazz Keyes, Certified Life Coach, Author, “If We Knew Better: The Soul Cries of Women, Past and Present” 

“This book is a vivid example, of what it means to live a fully engaged life.” – Sheree Franklin, Author, “Intuition: The Hidden Asset That Everyone Should Learn to Use” 


“Shantell hosted my book launch and I will be hiring her soon for something else. Professional, Prompt, Raw & Intelligent. You can’t go wrong booking Shantell E. Jamison for your next event.” – Serita L.

“I witnessed, for the first time, Shantell speak publicly. It was amazing. Her stage presence was through the roof. Her level of comfort, delivery, execution …she was a natural. No stuttering or stammering …just operating in her natural element of flowing. – Dexter C.