50 Years Later: Our schools are still segregated

Today is the 50th anniversary of what will forever be known as “Freedom Day.”Most of the schools’ black population did not go to school that day, because they had a bigger goal in mind.On October 22, 1963, several civil rights groups organized and participated in a mass boycott and demonstration in hopes of desegregating Chicago’s schools.

Why We All Should Give A Damn About the Little Boy in Englewood

The conversation about violence is exacerbating. Everyone, well almost everyone wants to solve the issue, but they just don’t know where to start. The people who are surrounded by rampant violence have no choice but to confront it; even if it’s by rushing to and from their homes. Others? Not so much. This post isn’t about solving […]

Why “All My Babies’ Mamas (I’m Sorry)” Sets Blacks Back

Usually, I tend to stay away from entertainment because frankly I don’t give much of a damn about it. But upon hearing the news of rapper Shawty Lo’s new-found reality television series, I felt compelled to share my thoughts on the subject. Let me first start off by stating that I have a love/hate relationship with television. I […]

Chicago Has A Problem: Don’t Use Sandy Hook To Voice It

Photo: Sunset Parkerpix Creative Commons The world will never be the same after December 14th, 2012. On that fateful morning, a 20-year-old lunatic walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Before killing himself, he did the unthinkable. He killed 20 small children and 6 adults. Ever since the incident, people have been expressing […]