Don’t Change Who You Are, Change How You Are to Certain People

You spend years attempting to get someone to see that you’re worthy of their love. You figure if you could just get him or her to see that you’re different from the rest, then you’d have his or her heart forever. Instead, the opposite happens. You’re accused of bullshit you’d never do and the walls […]

Held Hostage by Love: Part 4: ‘My Mate is All I Know’

Many people stay in unhealthy romantic situations due to some form of “love.” But more often than not, they’re captives of  other emotions (fear, comfort or complacency, for example), not the one they claim to be their reason for remaining committed to a less-than-deserving partner. This four-part series explores the many ways one can be […]

Why the Media is Lying on the State of Black Love

You know it. I know it, but one of the most influential, constantly accessible entities needs to be reminded. For every example of an authentic, strong, loving Black family portrayed in the media, there are several louder, more consistent images of dysfunction. Turn on any television station, especially cable, and trust me, you’ll witness an […]