trai and graceWith the news of Empire co-stars Trai Byers and Grace Gealey dating, I thought it would be interesting to tackle the age-old subject of romancing your co-worker. More traditional generations may feel that it’s professional suicide, but some of us less conservative folks could see a very promising romantic relationship with “John in Finance.”

Personally, I’m not a fan. It isn’t because I’m skeptical of office romance working out, but more so because I like my space and autonomy. I get tired of people way too fast to work with them. If we worked in different departments on different floors and on different days, then MAYBE. Then again, I love the idea of love so much that I’d probably take the chance if the desire was strong enough. Whether you’re considering dating someone that you work with, or are already involved with someone at your gig, it’s always best to take a few ideas into consideration. Here’s a little list of things that you should ponder before entering the realm of business and pleasure.

Is The Connection Strong Enough?

You’ve been peeping that hottie who works in sales for a few weeks now, but does the attraction go beyond the surface? It’s natural to find those that we work with physically appealing, if well…they’re physically appealing. You’re not blind. Especially if they’re someone who is new to the company. What you really need to figure out is whether or not you see an actual future with your co-worker or just a future with them in your bed. If your desires fall more along the lines of lust, then you probably shouldn’t risk your paycheck for a slay in the sack.

Are You Mature Enough To Handle It?

Whenever you’re romantically involved with someone, they’re going to piss you off. People that you aren’t romantically involved with piss you off. It’s just the way of the world. You have to realistically answer the question of whether or not you can handle looking outside your cubicle at your significant other when you’ve had a major fallout just an hour prior to arriving at work. When you date your co-worker, there’s no “cool down” option that folks who work at different jobs can activate. Yes, you can take time to yourself, but depending on the intricacies of your job description, you won’t be able to say, “I’m not giving you those files because you didn’t come in until 4AM. last night.” Couples who work together have committed themselves to keeping their professional and personal relationships separate. No matter how angry you may be at each other, you have a job to do, and that job was honestly there before you guys were ever an item.

Going Public.

Going public with your relationship goes well beyond this article’s topic of dating a coworker. Whenever you publicly announce that you’re an item, you are indirectly inviting people into your business. How friendly the invitation is depends on the level of information you choose to divulge about your relationship and to whom. But the haters and negative bloodsuckers are always lurking. So, after reviewing your company’s policy on in-house dating, sit down with your significant other and create your own.

Be Prepared For the Relationship To Fail

No matter how optimistic one may be, people change their minds often.When dating, you must be prepared for the relationship not to work out. Understand that by dating a co-worker, you’re absolving yourself of the luxury of time apart from each other if you break up. Space is critical to healing after a relationship ends. So ask yourself if you really want to look your ex in the face five days a week for 8 hours (if you’re lucky) a day.
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