Kevin Hart isn’t having a good week. After posting what was damn near a confession to engaging in sexually inappropriate acts with a woman other than his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, the Ride Along actor and stand-up comedian is allegedly being blackmailed.

Initially, a woman claiming to have video proof of Hart’s infidelity was merely threatening to release the footage unless she was financially compensated. But it appears the video has not only been leaked but also shows a man who—if we’re being completely honest here—looks a lot like Hart engaging in sexually inappropriate misconduct with a woman other than his wife.

We won’t post the tape or links here, but feel free to Google them.

In a somber message addressed to his fans, the funnyman took to Instagram to apologize to his wife, and his two children, Heaven, 12; and Hendrix, 9.

“I’m at a place in my life where I feel like I have a target on my back,” the 38-year-old said in the post. “And because of that I should make smart decisions. And recently, I didn’t.”


The alleged tape shows a man and woman in bed with covers draped over their torsos. A man who appears to be Hart is hugged up on a woman, and footage of a bed rocking while a woman can be heard moaning in the background.  An undressed man also can be seen walking back and forth through a room.

“You know, I’m not perfect. I’m not going to sit up here and say that I am or claim to be in any way shape or form. I made a bad error in judgment and put myself in a bad environment where only bad things can happen, and they did. But I’m also not going to allow a person to have financial gain off of my mistakes, and in this particular situation, that was what was attempted. I said I’d rather fess up to my mistakes.”

Apparently, the alleged blackmailer was demanding millions in exchange for her not to release the videos. A representative for Hart referred to the move as “a failed extortion attempt.”

I believe the comedian did more harm than good by coming forward in his Instagram video. He apologized to his wife and family. The public did not need to be addressed regardinghis alleged infidelity.

Of course, many have come with the “Well, Eniko was a side chick, so what does she expect?” argument,” but I’m not going to touch that one because it is irrelevant to this article. Others have proceeding to drag Hart “for the cheater he is,” so I’m not so sure how his choice to publicly “fess up” is benefiting him at the moment.

The last time I checked, people—well, celebrities who do not hold public office, at least —did not get fired for cheating. Hart cannot be arrested for sleeping with another woman. In fact, no sort of punishment beyond the usual harassment, trolling and clowning experienced by the majority of famous people could occur. I highly doubt Hart would lose his endorsements for not being able to keep his private parts to himself. In other words, it seems like the actor was focused on the wrong things.

Hart doesn’t owe us an apology. As a matter of fact, he does not owe us anything. Yes, he presents himself as a clean-cut funnyman. Yes, he even went live over the radio airwaves and proudly professed to be a changed man. But does he owe us an explanation for either (a) portraying himself as a changed man when it comes to infidelity or (b) being a flawed human being? Hell, no.

When you are an influential person, you are naturally held to a different standard. You are expected to project a reputable image at all times and to fully allow the public into your life. You must confess what your sexuality is (or prepare for the world to speculate who you’re attracted to), say who you’re romantically involved with, make known where you are living and a myriad of other personal details completely unrelated to your professional work. Although that has become an expectation, it is not a requirement.

Kevin Hart, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Oprah or any of your favorite celebrities are not required to share their personal flaws with us. They do it out of courtesy and an effort to build and connect with their fan base.

By no means am I making excuses for what Hart did. When you take vows, the best thing to do is to either honor them, find someone who is cool with you sleeping with and/or dating someone else or don’t take vows in the first place. But to make someone feel like they’re obligated to confess their shortcomings regarding their very personal relationship is just wrong.

I get it: Hart wanted to jump ahead and confess before being outed by the alleged extortionist. But making sure he tended to those he loved should’ve been his utmost priority, not addressing fans who could care less about who he screws.

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