Being happy is tough, but it isn’t impossible. Understanding what makes you happy is key and, honestly, it begins with you despite people seeking outside sources to bring them joy.

In no particular order, here are 15 ways to a happier, healthier life.

1) Build up your self-esteem.

2) Work to improve the qualities that you’re not satisfied with.

3) Set small goals and achieve them.

4) Find two things every day to smile about.

5) Commit to growing and learning to embrace change.

6) Tell fear that it is a liar.

7) Operate in the world with good and pure intent.

8) Commit to doing one activity that makes you happy.

9) Realize that the present is the only thing that is guaranteed, so make it count.

10) Hug someone.

11) Call a friend and shoot the breeze.

12) If you want ice cream, get it.

13) Meditate.

14) Understand that letting go is not the same as giving up.

15) Invite love and positivity into your life by giving it.

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