Capricorn season (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) is upon us and while folks are busy repping how much better their sign is than the other 11 (yawn), I, the Sexy Sagittarius (sly grin), have decided to be more diplomatic. No sign is better than the rest. The elements and distribution of strengths in certain areas won’t allow that.

In honor of this earth sign’s time to shine, here are five reasons why they are wonderful, particularly why you may want to consider dating one.

1. They are practical.

If you value simplicity, then the Capricorn man or woman is an excellent candidate for you. They are often more concerned with how effective someone or something is at executing its function that what it looks like or appears to be to others. Simplicity is the name of the game and you will receive very little pushback if you present things in a straightforward and simplistic fashion.

2. They are money savvy.

No, everything is not about money, but dammit if someone who has their own bread isn’t a plus. Every Capricorn isn’t rolling in dough, but trust and believe they know how to stretch a dollar. And if you’re lucky, they can definitely teach you a thing or two about hustling.

3. They are usually quite ambitious.

The Capricorn is the most determined and strong-willed sign of the zodiac. Their level of stubbornness can be quite off-putting during interpersonal interactions, but when it comes to achieving their goals, it works well in their favor. From becoming a top exec for a Fortune 500 company to an aspiring actress or musician, the Capricorn man or woman will not allow even the most difficult of circumstances to stand in the way of their goals. Their level of commitment is infectious, so if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration, get you a GOAT.

4. They are freaky.

Capricorns can appear to be hella boring and predictable to the naked eye, but when it comes to sex, this is a sign that is down for damn near anything. Calling someone a freak is objective, but this sign is for damn sure freak-Y. Rarely do they disappoint in the bedroom …and I’m going to leave it at that.

5. They are loving and helpful.

Capricorns are quite guarded. They have a lot to offer someone and they want to make sure that they give themselves to those who are worthy and will appreciate it. In other words, this sign does not love freely and openly. But when you do earn their trust, they’re like a bowl of cooked grits. Soft and mushy as hell. They will assist you with whatever you are seeking to achieve and honestly, be there for you in the most loving and caring way along your journey. But like I said, their hearts must be earned and trust me, they will let you know when you’re able to claim your prize.

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