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Why You Should Prioritize Talking in Your Relationship

People say that communication or a lack thereof is the second most pressing challenge regarding couples. No one wants to be with someone who they feel like doesn’t understand them and you especially want your mate to be a listening ear to you as you journey through life. Continue reading Why You Should Prioritize Talking in Your Relationship

5 People You Meet Before the One

5 People You Meet Before �The One�

Ever since I turned 30, it seems like many of my peers (myself included) are hell-bent on settling down and finding “the one.” I’m not sure if it’s the fact that we’re getting older and our biological clocks are ticking, or if people are looking at others and basing their lives off of where they think they should be. What I do know is that I am surrounded by a number of people who are more than frustrated because they have not found their mate yet. In fact, some are downright angry. Continue reading 5 People You Meet Before the One

Ask Shan Tell’em: Begging

download (7)Dear Shan Tell’em,

I’ve been in a relationship with my mate for about 4 years now. I started feeling neglected at some point, but I can’t remember when due to being blinded by her actions and just being naive. I felt hurt, and spoke to her about it, but she blew it off as if nothing was happening. Her behavior is becoming extremely cold towards me. I no longer feel the love, as things have not changed. I don’t feel loved despite doing all of the begging and pleading. No matter what I do she is just so distant and doesn’t reciprocate the love and attention that I give her. At what point do you stop asking for cooperation from your mate and just walk away? When do you stop accepting gifts, jewelry or whatever as a form of love?



Dear Begging,

I’m sorry that you’re in this situation. Clearly you’re with someone who isn’t as invested in the relationship as you are. But I have good news. You can always LEAVE. It really sounds like you’re with someone who is taking you for granted. Whenever you talk to your mate about an issue, it should be worked on. Some sort of action plan should be put in place that let’s you know that you’ve been heard and that it is an issue that has their full attention and commitment to changing. I just do not see it in this case.

Whatever the reason, you deserve better. You should never have to beg your mate for anything. When someone assumes that role in your life, they are obligated to add to and enrich it. The end. While four years is a long time to invest in a relationship, it’s also enough time for you to know each other well enough to know when to call it quits. It might be hard, but I think you know in your heart what to do.

Good luck and I wish you the best.

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If You Really Care, Then Let Them Go

images (18)You meet someone who seems damn near perfectly compatible for you. You possess many of the same qualities, support each other, have passion and genuinely care for each other. You’re taking it slow, but both acknowledge the strong possibility of a relationship somewhere down the line. The union is off to a great start. Then their ex comes back. Continue reading If You Really Care, Then Let Them Go