images (25)Whether you go along with it or not, change is a part of life. Along with time and death, it is the only thing that is certain. Rarely do you ever control or expect it. While we know that it is bound to come, many of us refuse to acknowledge it. In fact, some people spend a large chunk of their time fighting it. 

To fight change is to set yourself up for a war that you will ultimately lose.  Fighting the inevitable is not only a waste of time, but it stunts your potential to grow. Each and every time you resist change, you are subconsciously telling yourself that you are not capable of handling what lies ahead. There’s really no such a thing as simply “liking things the way that they are” when it comes to facing the inevitable. You’re either not sure of what lies ahead, or feel incapable of dealing with it. Either way, the energy used to resist change in your life serves no real purpose.

Your outlook on life will heavily determine how you handle change. Are you generally optimistic or do you make decisions based on logic and rationale only? Do you view people as those guaranteed to let you down? Do you welcome change and new adventures? Or are you prone to run away from the unfamiliar? Your perspective on your existence and the world around you dictates your future and how you handle obstacles that are bound to occur.

When facing change, it’s best to seek balance. If you can, take familiar ideas, parts, items etc. into your next phase of life. Try to adjust in a way that positively enhances your quality of life. Do not allow “what once was” to dictate what is and rob you of potential joy. Change can be wonderful, and if not, trust yourself enough to get to a point that leads you to see the silver lining. Otherwise, you’re dead, breathing or not.



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