images (28)We live in a world that constantly reinforces the notion that too much difference is bad. Yes, there are a select few who admire those that stand out from the rest, but in the grand scheme of things, difference is frowned upon. Those in positions of power have literally gone and continue to go to war, murder thousands of people and delay passing significant forms of legislation that could positively impact millions due to difference of opinion, beliefs and/or faith. I am here to tell you that difference can be an amazing thing, especially when it comes to love.Granted, if you have vastly different desires, wants, needs and ideas about a relationship then it probably isn’t the best idea to try to build a future together. But if your differences lie in the matter of how you think about and view things when attempting to arrive at a common goal, then difference can work in your favor.

Difference Allows You to See An Alternative Way of Doing Things

My most successful and fulfilling relationships have been with those who held the same morals, principles and values as myself, and were also able to challenge me to think about things in an alternative way. This is a very valuable perk in dating someone who is different from you. They constantly grant you the privilege of seeing things from a different perspective, thus enriching your life IF you allow them to.

Your Ability to Negotiate in Other Areas of Your Life Will Skyrocket

By now, we’ve had our fair share of interactions with people that we just do not click with. Take work for example. While it would be “perfect” if we were able to single-handedly select our co-workers, the real world just doesn’t work that way. Whenever there is difference, a lot of bargaining will take place. Choosing a partner that allows you to grow through compromise will not only allow you to see and appreciate a different point of view, but will sharpen your negotiating skills in more stressful situations where you cannot easily walk away like with work, organizations and family interactions.

You Begin to Admire Your Mate for Who They Are Instead of Attempting to Change Them

While change can be an amazing thing, nothing good comes from attempting to change a person. NOTHING. If you are unable to accept them for who they are, just don’t date them. Changing your perspective about someone allows you to admire and appreciate them for who they are meant to be. Don’t look at them like a psycho because they may be a bit more emotional than you. Value their honesty about their feelings. Do not criticize them for being more level-headed. Appreciate the fact that they can stay calm in stressful situations. I’m not saying grant a habitual cheater a pass and label them a free spirit, but I am saying allow yourself to be open enough to see people for what they’re worth. After all, there was something inside of them that initially drew you to them in the first place. You owe it to yourself to see what that is.

The best form of love is to allow someone to be their full and complete self. Do not attempt to change them in order to make yourself comfortable. Instead, you come to love and appreciate them for who they are. Your life partner is supposed to stretch you. They often possess characteristics that you lack and if you’re lucky, most of them will be exactly what you are looking for.

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