hand hold“What you invest your time in defines who you are.”—Todd Duncan

Like many of you, I regularly engage in social media conversations. I happen to be a part of a number of groups on Facebook that deal with love and relationships, and I look forward to other people’s thoughts and opinions on the subject. Nevertheless, some men and women’s viewpoints on relationships, what they expect in a mate and who and what they will entertain often baffle me.

Earlier last week, a man posted in one of the groups that he will not date a woman unless she is A) all about him, B) will do his laundry, cook for him and clean for him daily, C) put his needs before her own, and D) fill the shoes of his mother in every way. When asked what he was willing to bring to the table, he simply stated, “Myself.” Get out.

We all know at least one person who demands much more than what they’re willing to give. S/he goes from relationship to relationship, requesting ridiculously high demands from their mate with little to no return on investment. They have expectations instead of standards, and are ruthless when dictating rules and guidelines for their mate to follow. These individuals often have inflated egos and an unrealistic, almost fantasy-like idea of how relationships are.

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