t’s no secret that sex is the ultimate stress reliever, and while life just refuses to wait for any of us, it’s best to stay armed in practices that will undoubtedly aid us in keeping our sanity.
Whether you’ve fell into a sexless rut with your mate or just want to relieve some much needed stress, here are five reasons to have sex this holiday season.

1) Stress relief.

The holidays are a time for getting together, but with this particular time of year comes stress. If you’re traveling to visit family, preparing to receive family or dealing with the pain or absence or loved ones, stress is inevitable. Sex may not necessarily be the cure all for all of your stresses, but it certainly is a benefit when you are feeling overwhelmed. Not to mention the stress that simply comes with gift shopping.

2) Quality Time.

No, you do not have to be in love to have sex with someone, but if you love someone you should definitely have sex. The holidays usually come with time off from work, and undoubtedly lots of free time with your mate. In addition to simply enjoying each other outside of the bedroom, make time to enjoy each other in between the sheets.

3) Physical and Mental Benefits.

Sex comes with a variety of benefits. It releases endorphins that relax and improve your mood. Connecting with someone you care about in that way is a win-win.

4) Rekindle that ‘Spark.’

If we are being completely honest, sometimes sex just isn’t happening (for whatever reason) in your relationship. Understand that some relationships simply go through dry spells as part of the ebbs and flows of your relationship. While it is good to acknowledge that a drought may be natural, it isn’t good to simply accept it. While you won’t necessarily lose it if it isn’t used in terms of functionality, the

5) Relax and Unwind.

You want to relax? Have sex. It really is that simple. Understand that few things are executed in the name of your pleasure. Sex is primal, innate, natural and very much needed. Get lost in the moment and turn off your mind with your lover so you can get closer than close. Just sayin.’

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