People got it twisted. And I’m not talking about the folks who don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of demanding that their mate have a six-figure salary, their own car and no children.

They’ve got issues too, but I will deal with them later. Instead, I’d like to address the concept of levels.

People always say, “Date at your level,” or “He or she isn’t on my level” or something to that extent, but what does that really mean? Everyone should have standards and I wholeheartedly agree with the practice, but I think many people drop the ball in 1) Defining their level and 2) the implementation.

Granted, if you are 37 years old and a fry cook a a fast food chain, chances are you will not capture the attention of someone who works in corporate and makes seven figures. With that being said, one’s goals and level of ambition does have a little bit to do with selecting the right partner for a successful, loving relationship.

But lately, I’ve been hearing too many people place ridiculous standards of what someone has materialistically (and equating this surface level achievement to being on their level) as opposed to what a person can do for them mentally, physically, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually in a relationship.

In my professional career, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to sit down with some of the wealthiest, most famous people alive. I’m pretty sure I have either interviewed your favorite rapper or actor or at least been in the same room with them. And I can honestly tell you that assholes aren’t limited to a certain income bracket. If you’re a jerk, no amount of money in the world will change that. Just sayin.’

While it is absolutely fine (hell a requirement in my book) to have standards for who you decide to be in a relationship with, it’s equally (if not more important) to realize the significance of having qualifications that feed your soul and spirit as opposed to what kind of car he or she drives. At this age, surface level demands will only yield surface level results and in order to have a fulfilling relationship it is best to keep your level (for lack of a better term) or shallowness in check.

Moral: Just because he or she may pick you up in a Benz doesn’t mean they’re committed to your growth …or are even interested or able to be (shrugs).



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