Scorpio season (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) is upon us and while folks are busy repping how much better their sign is than the other 11 (yawn), I, the Sexy Sagittarius (sly grin), have decided to be more diplomatic. No sign is better than the rest. The elements and distribution of strengths in certain areas won’t allow that.

In honor of Scorpio season, here are five reasons why they are wonderful, particularly why you may want to consider dating one.

1) They are consistent.

Consistency is pretty hard to find these days. But alas, the Scorpio man or woman values the concept of routine and enjoys the thought of being viewed as dependable. This rigid, yet cooling water sign doesn’t grant their time to everyone, but if it happens to be you, be sure that it will be for the long term.

2) They are patient.

A Scorpio knows exactly what they want from you before you even notice they’re in the room. Many view this sign as sneaky. While that can be true in some cases, usually they’re just very calculated. Their fixed nature will rarely allow them to just go with the flow. They are not built to be passive and enjoy being in control of the chase. With that being said, patience is their thing, especially with someone who they see a bright future with. Unlike the restless Sagittarius, the Scorpio will sit back in the cut and literally study someone that they have their eye on. If that isn’t dedication, we can always call it stalkerish LOL. I kid. I kid.

3) They are hustlers.

Whether it is starting a major business venture or selling valuables on Ebay, this water sign always has cash on the brain. They are usually some of astrology’s masterminds of making money as they’re always seeking the next level of personal and professional development. But just because they can grind doesn’t mean that they’re generous. How frugal your Scorpio man or woman is depends on their individual traits and views on money.

4) They are seductive.

I get it. Scorpios are governed by the House of Sex which means they must be good in bed, right? Nah. Just like every sign, someone’s excellence in the sack goes well beyond astrology. I mentioned that they were seductive …which is a big difference from being a good lay. Remember me stating that this sign is patient? What about when I mentioned that they are well aware of what they wish to do with you before you even notice them? Well, these are all traits that are part of their method of seduction. This sign is smooth, calculated and will wrap you all around their web of passion. And there is rarely anything that you can do about it.

5) They are deep thinkers …and also know how to cut loose.

If you desire to have well-rounded, thoughtful and intelligent conversation, then the Scorpio is certainly the man or woman for you. This sign is always contemplating subjects that many do not dare to take on. But just as easily as they can get “deep” with you, they can loosen up and have fun.

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