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Yes You Can!


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‘I Can’t’ vs. ‘I Will’

I hear the words “I can’t” a bit too much for my liking.

I can’t lose weight. I don’t have the discipline.”

“I can’t find another job.”

“I can’t trust people.”

The words “I can’t” have become so engrained in our mindsets that they’re acceptable responses to anything that we seek to achieve. They should be unacceptable when it comes to pursuing your dreams and seeking happiness. Continue reading Yes You Can!

“Wounds, Healed.”

download (16)Unless we’re locked away in a torture chamber, I think it’s safe to say that emotional pain and disappointment is the worse type of pain that we will ever endure in this lifetime. The feeling, especially when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, can be downright paralyzing. It’s as if you are never the same again once you experience emotional pain from someone who you’ve come to trust, respect and love. If the offense keeps happening, some people just shut down altogether. Continue reading “Wounds, Healed.”