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‘I Can’t’ vs. ‘I Will’

I hear the words “I can’t” a bit too much for my liking.

I can’t lose weight. I don’t have the discipline.”

“I can’t find another job.”

“I can’t trust people.”

The words “I can’t” have become so engrained in our mindsets that they’re acceptable responses to anything that we seek to achieve. They should be unacceptable when it comes to pursuing your dreams and seeking happiness.

The word “can’t” should be removed from your vocabulary completely because it is a drain-sucker. Saying “I can’t” not only introduces negativity and defeat into your situation, but acts as a verbal admission that you believe that things will not ever change. You’re permanently accepting a fate that lends itself to stealing your joy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You can always change your situation. While you might not be able to do it alone, things in your life do not have to start and end with “I can’t.”

Whenever you feel that you cannot do something, ask yourself this: Is it that you can’t or won’t do something? Often it’s the latter. What it is that you wish to achieve usually requires a lot more time, dedication, change and effort than we want to give. Despite being unhappy in our current situations, we’re comfortable. That “comfort” is usually the reason for this “can’t do” attitude.

Shifting your language will take time and effort. You will easily slip back into old habits, especially since there aren’t many people who are actually willing to let go of the excuse train. But if you continue to work to replace “I can’t” with “I will,” you will see a major shift in your perspective and actions.




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