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Most times, you don’t have to experience things to realize that you probably shouldn’t be doing them. You don’t have to try drugs to know the effects that it will have on your life and well-being. You don’t have to get arrested to realize that you shouldn’t be incarcerated. You don’t have to steal from your job to know that you’ll probably be fired if caught. Some things you just KNOW. And while personal experience is often the best teacher, I think the examples that I just listed prove that they’re not always needed.

You know what I hear often? People saying that they don’t take advice from single people when it comes to relationships. Why? Because they’re SINGLE. What the hell kind of discrimination is that? While I understand the importance of having gone through certain things to be able to provide wisdom, this is just plain ridiculous. One’s relationship status does not determine their ability to give sound, logical advice. If it makes sense then well…it just makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is discriminating against a reasonable piece of advice because of who it comes from.

Some of the wisest people are single, and some of the most miserable, can’t get it right individuals are involved in relationships. I can list about four married couples whose lives are in shambles. A ring does not equal wisdom. A title does not suggest that you should take one’s advice.

People who single out single people as not having “lived enough” have a tainted point of view. They associate being in a relationship with joy and success, and forget that each circumstance depends on the parties involved. It’s a generalization that is very misleading, and can land you in more trouble than before. Often, successful people do not learn how to achieve their goals by doing everything right. They’ve messed up on several occasions, but we can learn even if it’s what not to do from anyone. So the next time you think about shutting that single friend out, think twice…and realize that it’s the person whose advice you cannot take, not their status.

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