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Regardless of what society tells us, we each have a unique gift or quality that has the potential to change the lives of those around us, and sometimes beyond our reach. What’s very unfortunate though, is the fact that many will live their entire life and never tap into their “gift.”

We live in a world that is full of contradictions.

“Aim to be rich and famous, but remain humble.”

“Compete, but remember there are no losers.”

“Live your own life, but don’t stand out too much or you’ll be seen as a freak.”

What’s even more interesting is that you’re a more productive member FOR, not OF society, if you just follow the status quo. That’s why 90% of the population has just 10% of the wealth and fortune. But let’s take a look at that other 10%. They’re actually being productive members OF society by not adhering to the contradictions of the world. They also happen to be fearlessly living their own truth.

Before I go further, let’s get one thing clear. I am not commending all of the well-off folks out there. Some of them took some not-so-admirable avenues to get rich. But there is something to note about wealthy people, and that is the fact that they were bold enough to share their gift with the world.

This post isn’t about money. It’s about how spiritually wealthy everyone can be if they took more risks. For example, Bill Gates changed the way the world works by inventing Microsoft. William Shakespeare set the standard for theater. Duke Ellington introduced us to jazz, a well-ingrained staple in not just in American culture, but music as a whole. These individuals shared their gifts with the world.

My examples are of people that have achieved wealth and fame, but you can share your gift regardless of your status. Many are already doing so on a regular basis. That friend who knows exactly what to say to you in your time of need. They possess the gift of comfort. The coworker who always manages to get you to see the bright side of things via laughter. They possess the gift of optimism and comic relief. Or that one family member who has been through so much, but still manages to live life with ease. They possess the gift of strength. Sharing your gift is not so much about achieving wealth, but living in a way that inspires others to go on when all signs point to defeat.

The gift that you have is so amazing that you’d do us all a disservice if you didn’t share it with the world. And I’ve got news for you. You already know what it is.

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