images (17)Listen. It takes motivation to become motivated. It even takes motivation for the motivation that is going to motivate you to become motivated. Long story short, you need motivation to get anything done. Often, we seek and rely on outside sources to inspire us and that isn’t a bad thing. That’s why I’m writing this post. But the true fire behind getting things done comes from within.

Being able to complete tasks and go after the unthinkable during moments of pure uncertainty and laziness is what separates us from those who only dream of their visions coming true. While looking to outside forces is sometimes necessary for productivity to occur, it shouldn’t be a long-standing staple in our lives when seeking motivation.

If we constantly depend on outside forces to inspire us, we relinquish a little bit of our power. We have to dig deep into our souls and pull out our own personal source of inspiration. That starts with believing in yourself.

I’m going to leave you with a quote that my eight grade teacher used to make us recite every day before school ended:

“I see the vision. I’m motivated to act. The future is up to me!”



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