download (12)As human beings, it’s natural to want a lot of things. Often, it’s quite easy to focus on what others have and what you do not. While most of it is material, sometimes it can spill over to emotional desires such as love, honor and companionship. 

Unless you come to appreciate and be content with what you currently have, you’ll never be blessed with what you want in the long-term. If you do acquire your desires, you’ll simply not be satisfied with them anymore. Here are some ways to be content with what you have until you get what you want.

Change Your Perspective

Everything starts with a thought. EVERYTHING. The mind is super powerful and whatever it is that you think becomes your reality, even if it’s not true for the rest of the world. In order to begin the process of becoming content with what you have, you must change your perspective to reflect a more positive outlook on your current situation. Instead of looking to the outside world to fill your voids, take a look at the things and people that are great and in your possession.  Then learn to appreciate them.

Find Value in Everything in Your Life

To value something means that you deem it suitable of being deserved. You recognize its importance, usefulness and worth. Everything in your life that positively serves you is valuable to some degree. When you change your perspective, the things and people in your company that enhance your quality of life will become more clear. Instead of wondering why person X has the three car garage and condo downtown, learn to appreciate the simplicity of your life. Learn to be content with having a roof over your head and one set of wheels. Contentment does not equal settling. It simply means that you’re smart enough to not take what you possess currently for granted.

Appreciate Time Spent With Other Spirits, NOT Egos

At the root of discontent due to what others have is envy. Envy is something that is manifested by one’s ego, not their spirit. The ego cares about what others think. The ego ties one’s self-esteem to material possessions. The ego is responsible for negative emotions. But the spirit, the spirit is calm, appreciative and loving. Aim to surround yourself around those who allow their spirits to shine more than their egos, and appreciate the time spent together.

Love Abundantly, and Often

When you spend time in love, you allow yourself to feel a level of freedom that is unimaginable. Love, particularly kindness, is a practice where the giver gets the greatest reward, even when it is not reciprocated.  Allow yourself to exemplify actions that stem from it. If you’re busy loving then there’s very little room for complaining about what others have and you don’t.

Be Fearless in Your Pursuit of Happiness and Commit to Never Giving Up

As I stated earlier in this post, being content is not settling. You always want to consistently work towards your desired goals. Just make sure that your goals are influenced by who you are as a person and NOT based on what society tells us we should have to be worth something.  You should never seek to trade places with another. Work to create the life that you want so you can be the best at who you are meant to be.


  1. Great post..I think we all have temporarily suffered from the “grass is greener” syndrome.. but you’re right it’s our perspective and finding the value in our own lives will help us appreciate what we have.. I enjoyed reading

    1. Thank you. Temporary envy is to be expected. The problem begins when folks start to base their life decisions off of what others have. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post and thanks for commenting, myadviceforyourlife. 🙂

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