Many people complain about having a hard time finding someone who they like. Some even believe that this is the most difficult part of dating and relationships. But the truth (in my humble opinion) is that finding someone isn’t the most challenging part; I think the hardest part of the dating is actually choosing to give love a try.

If you think about it, we have all met someone who possesses the characteristics that we are looking for in a mate. They’re attractive, charming, intelligent, hard-working, honest, etc., but for some reason (fear and/or holding onto the past) we stall on going further along in the process with them. For those of you who genuinely want love but feel a little stuck, here are a few reasons to give love a try.

You have great chemistry.

It’s no secret that in order for any fulfilling relationship to last, you’ve gotta have chemistry with the person. You know that emotion that exists between two people? It makes us aware that there’s a few more extra vibes happening with someone beyond them simply being cool. Having chemistry alone isn’t enough to pursue love, but without it, there isn’t much of a case to do so.

You have a dope ass connection.

While chemistry may put someone on your radar, having a connection with them is way more telling. You can be attracted to someone (chemistry) and have absolutely nothing in common with them beyond sex. But a connection?! A real, solid connection shows that there is more than just “something” there. You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you how important it is to LIKE the person that you’re with.

They meet your standards for a mate.

Whether it is a tangible list that you can refer to, or a few non-negotiable preferences that you keep in your mind as a point of reference, coming across someone who you are attracted to, have an authentic connection with, and who meets your standards for a life partner speaks volumes.

You want to (despite being told to play the field).

It is always some bitter Bruce or Betty that will tell you to remain single. Listen, if you have a strong desire to experience real, authentic love then go for it. I believe in living life on your own terms, and one of the best things a person can experience is true love. Trust me, it isn’t overrated, so give it a try!

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