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The Lies We Keep & The Secrets We Tell

  It’s pretty much impossible to tell the truth the entire time. Lies always have a way of penetrating one’s psyche. First, invading that of the one who tells the lie to the point in which they believe that lying is the best decision. Sometimes the lie slowly morphs into their own truth, one that makes sense only in their heads and perhaps those of other liars. Then to the victim’s psyche. The one who doesn’t deserve to be manipulated; whose trust is abused by said liar. It seems like people are less affected by actions, than the lie that resulted in the action. What do you hear when you watch “Cheaters?” A man will roll up with Joey Greco and those cameras, victim in tow and what’s the first thing that comes out of their mouths?Not you cheated on me. Not you hurt me but “You lied to me.” Continue reading The Lies We Keep & The Secrets We Tell