While we have made a significant amount of progress when it comes to seeking professional help for our mental health, people as a whole still take issue with publicly “coming out” as clients of therapists and life coaches. The fact is that we ALL could stand to see a therapist, as life is anything but simple.

I get it. No one wants to admit to seeking professional help. Doing so makes it appear as if you are weak and unable to get a grip on things. But I’m here to tell you that is utter b*llsh*t. Seeing a therapist or life coach doesn’t make you weak; it makes you aware that you cannot do certain things alone. Instead of pretending like all is well, you’re doing yourself and those around you a favor by finding someone to talk to.

I’m not a therapist, but as a certified life coach, I take pride in assisting individuals in improving their lives. But before I break down why it is beneficial to see a life coach, here’s how the two professions differ: a therapist usually diagnoses your “issue” and attempts to fix it, while a life coach reinforces the notion that everything that you need to solve your problems is already inside of you. Both methods of counseling are extremely beneficial and very much worthwhile. I personally cannot tell you how therapy saved my life (shout-out to Dr. Burris, LOL).

Now to the meat and potatoes (or kale and cashew Mac if you’re vegan) of this post. Here are three key benefits of hiring a life coach.

1) You have the benefit of a thought partner.

One of my very first clients introduced me to the concept of a “thought partner.” As a life coach, our job is to assist you in navigating the complexities of life, but I have never quite viewed the work that we do as being that of a thought partner. When you have a life coach, you not only have someone to confide in, but a person to think things through with. And we will always objectively do so while constantly keeping your best interest in mind.

2) You have someone to faithfully hold you accountable.

Talking through your issues is important, but words mean very little if you are not moving in the direction that you desire to rest in. A life coach has the energy of a friend and confidant, but the discipline of someone who accepts very few (if any) excuses. If you want accountability without someone breathing down your throat every twenty seconds, then a life coach is for you.

3) We have a relaxed, comfortable approach.

Most life coaches love seeing people win! We are invested in your success and our dedication will show through our enthusiasm. While we may be stern at times, our approach to coaching you is one of ease, patience and authenticity.

We are all meant to excel and reach our greatest level of potential, but how far you advance is and always will be up to you. To learn more about how THIS life coach can assist you in achieving the life you deserve, email contact@shantelljamison.com.



  1. Great that you clarify the differences here Shantell. Thanks for sharing! I am a Creative Life Coach with a poetry blog and here is my poem today in case you have time to look?


    I am also on Instagram as #coachingcreatively, let’s follow each other if you use this medium? You can also find me on Facebook under Sam Allen wearing a bright red and orange hat!

    I love connecting with fellow creatives as you can see!

    Sunny greetings from Switzerland!

    Sam 🙂

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